You have just made the first step to become an Australian passport holder.

Becoming an Australian passport holder can be however a complicated, costly and lengthy process. Australian Migration and Business Consultants (AMBC) can guide you through this maze.

To obtain an Australian passport involves three steps:

  • Gain the right to reside in Australia.
  • Qualifying for citizenship.
  • Apply for an Australian passport.

How can AMBC help me?

AMBC will professionally manage and assist you in the entire migration process. We are committed to providing you with the most successful visa application with honesty and integrity. Our skilled and experienced consultants will save you the time and money.

You can be advised on employment/business opportunities and living expenses in Australia. We will even link you with Australian business and professional people whose role is to assist migrants by providing an effective support network in Australia.

What does it involve?

  • Fill in the AMBC Assessment Form (see below), or alternatively send us your complete Resume/ Bio-data for initial assessment along with your families Resume / Bio-data.
  • We will evaluate your complete case.
  • Send you a brief statement indicating your chances of migrating to Australia and all related costs.
  • On receipt of your deposit we will liaise with the Australian Embassy in your country and the Department of Immigration in Australia.
  • We will formulate and activate a migration strategy to increase your chances of migrating to Australia.
  • Migration related information and papers would be collected from relevant Australian departments.
  • On your behalf we will anticipate problems and provide written submission to accompany the assessment and visa application.
  • Arrange for your skills and education to be assessed by the relevant Australian authorities.
  • Payment of professional fee required before the lodgment of visa application.
  • Regular progress up-dates of your visa application will be sent to you.
  • Advise you of the visa application result.

Migration laws are changing all the time, so start today before it's too late for you.

AMBC Assessement Form

To begin the process of gaining an Australian visa or to become an Australian Citizen, download the Assessment Form. Fill in your details and return to us via email.


PDF version of the AMBC Assessment Form

Word version of the AMBC Assessment Form

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(Download time approx: 2 minutes)

You will require Acrobat Reader 4 (or later).

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